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Preparing for you lifestyle newborn session

I might be bias but I believe lifestyle newborn sessions are the best type of newborn photography because it's the least stressful. It's done in the comfort of your own home and there's no pressure for your baby, kids, pets or even spouses to behave a certain way. That's the beauty of lifestyle photography - it's about documenting real life!

What I ask from you:

If you can, try to keep your baby awake for at least 1-2 hours before I come. Make sure your baby is clean. Give him a bath the morning of or night before. 


Have your baby dressed in the outfit or swaddle you'd like them photographed in when I arrive.

The session needs to take place within 4-10 days after your baby is born. Please notify me as soon as you're able to so we can make sure to reserve a date within this time frame. The reason for this timeframe is that at 4 days, if you're breastfeeding, your milk will usually be in - allowing the baby to be full longer, which means sleeping longer. After 10 days, your baby will become more alert, making sleeping poses more challenging.

I usually ask if you'd like a breastfeeding photo. If you do want this, keep this in mind for the outfit you chose. I will never post breastfeeding photos without your permission.

Baby's love to be warm! If you can, bump your heat up a few notches for the shoot. I typically recommend keeping your house at at least 23 degrees Celsius.

What you can expect from me:

Your baby's safety is very important to me. When I arrive I will wash my hands right away. I also use a harness for my camera so my camera is not at risk of falling. I try to let you do most of the handling of the baby.

I do not bring any props or outfits with me. The outfits are up to you and your personal taste. I recommend swaddle blankets as they will help your baby feel warm and secure. I guarantee at least one outfit change. Sometimes we are able to do more if the baby is sleeping well.

Some areas I like to shoot are in your living room, nursery and bedroom. I will assess your house when I arrive for the best light and this will determine where the photos will take place. Please have all these locations tidy and clutter free if possible.

We will document your typical life with a newborn which can mean crying, bum changes, feeding, toddlers running around, etc. The last thing I want is any pressure or stress on you so don't worry about things you cannot predict or help. As a mom myself I know it's all just part of it!

A newborn session is 90 minutes, but I schedule for two hours in case extra time is needed.

I'm so looking forward to meeting your beautiful baby! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.